The Story of Love Gives Way

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Love Gives Way is rallying the wedding community around organizations fighting sex trafficking.

This happens when engaged couples book/hire our vendors for their wedding who then give back a portion of their profits to non-profit organizations that are based in their very own cities.

Founder, Andy Brophy, started shooting as a full time photographer in the fall of 2010. Within the first two months, he would experience two very different situations in two very different parts of the world that both had a common thread which would be the catalyst to Love Gives Way.

Andy's Story

She was a sex slave.

"I stepped in to a dimly lit room in the middle of the day as a small fan hanging in the top corner of the room barely brought relief from the heat in India. Standing in front of me was a petite woman in her mid to late twenties – she was a sex slave. Sitting behind me on a mattress just barely visible through a drawn, translucent curtain was a man – he was the sex slave’s next client. And around me were people who faithfully serve this woman and many others trapped and enslaved in the red light district in which we found ourselves.

I came home, trying with every word I knew to somehow express to my wife what I saw, felt, and carried during those days in India. At one point, she stopped and reminded me of a senior portrait session I had done just a couple months before leaving for India. I had told her about my experience at an upscale, gated community home resting on a golf course in a wealthy, suburban Atlanta community. She went on to tell me that the father of that family was arrested, while I was away in India, for having purchased a 12 year old girl for $600 to perform sexual acts at a nearby hotel just miles from my home.

Impact the lives of people...

I was speechless. I was numb. Everything I felt inside that dark, hot brothel in India immediately came rushing back as I sat in my own home.

This experience was what led to me start Love Gives Way. I wanted to leverage what I was shooting here at home on a regular basis to somehow impact the lives of people caught up in sex trafficking."

What started as Andy's own response in 2011 has now led to communities of vendors desiring to partner with locally based organizations around the country who are fighting sex trafficking on a global scale.

We here at Love Gives Way believe that there's nothing more beautiful than when a couple decides to leverage their wedding day, which marks their selfless act of love and commitment to one another, in order to aid in the restoration of someone who has had a part of them selfishly stolen by another for their own gain."

Andy Brophy